Our Certifications:


Certified Anger Management Facilitator- Anderson Model

American Lung Association: Freedom From Smoking Facilitator


Our Services

Our Services

At our Healing Center we act as a guide on your personal journey to health, wellness and inner peace. Through various relaxation and energy therapies we assist you in overcoming any of life's challenges that block your path and hamper your ability to succeed.

By encouraging the body's natural healing mechanisms. We employ a variety of techniques that are indigenous to African culture and tradition. This form of healing views the individual as an integrated whole of body, mind, and spirit that is also part of a larger and greater wholeness



Imagine a World where people pursued their unique gifts and talents regardless of their current socio-economic status. If you can, then you will understand why we have created the REM Sleep Institute.

The REM Sleep Institute combines the 15+ years that Akua has spent as a Publicist and Public Relations Coach with her training a a Master Hypnotist to form a phenomenal program to assist individuals truly wishing to use their gifts and talents to make the world a better place.

Members of the The REM Sleep Institute Learn

  • Fear-Free Public Speaking
  • Forget Marketing on Shoestring Budget: Let Me Show You How to Market With No Shoes
  • How to Create a Promotional Plan
  • Social Media- So What You've Got 10,000 fans-There's and Art to Building Relationships.
  • Tech Savvy Skills- Building Websites Under 300, Youtube, Facebook, Google+, Yelp, Mobile Aps, and much much more
  • Bartering

Participation in the REM Sleep Institute is Free however membership is limited and open only to a selected individuals/groups.  Please email to receive an application.

Please Note- All "Evening Tea-Discussions" have a $8 beverage/reception fee. Group meeting Locations- Inland Empire, Los Angeles and the Coachella Valley