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 Ancient Myths & the Subconscious/Conscious


There are various myths about the battles between Heru and Sut, yet little mention is made of the relationship between the two during pre-dynastic times.   Reliefs of the two during these times often depict the two gods together both leading the prisoners of the nsabaty (pharoah) or binding the plants of Upper and Lower Egypt and uniting the lands of Upper and Lower Egypt.   During these times Sut was regarded as an equal to Heru the falcon god.

Heru (the Elder), was a god of the day sky while Sut ruled as god of the night sky. When these two gods were linked, the two were said to be Heru-Sut, a man with two heads - one of the falcon of Heru, the other of the Sut animal.

In the Pyramid Texts the deceased made offerings to Sut and he was considered a friend.

"Homage to thee, O divine Ladder! Homage to thee O Ladder of Sut! Stand thou upright, O divine Ladder! Stand thou upright, O Ladder of Sut! Stand thou upright, O Ladder of Heru, whereby Ausar came forth into heaven."

-- Pyramid Texts of Pepi I n.

It was believed that "Heru purifies and Sut strengthens, and Sut purifies and Heru strengthens" the deceased while the backbone of the deceased becomes the backbone of Sut and Sut has "joined together my neck and my back strongly, and they are even as they were in the time that is past; may nothing happen to break them apart."He was also there assisting Ausar on the ladder. 

Various reliefs also show Heru and Sut empowering the nsubaty. On one of Seti I's reliefs, it shows Sut and Heru offering the symbol of life to the nsubaty, with Sut saying "I establish the crown upon thy head, even like the Disk on the head of Amun-Ra, and I will give thee all life, strength and health." Thuthmose III had a scene showing both Sut and Heru teaching him how to use his weapons.  The unsubaty was considered heir to the two brothers and united the offices of Heru and Sut.


One of Sut's major roles was to protect the sun (Ra) as he journeyed though the land of the dead during the night. He was the strongest of the Gods and the only one who could conquer Apep, the true enemy of the sun.

Later when the Ausar became a much more prominent deity, Sut began to lose his prominence. Soon through war and politics Sut began to lose his positive attributes and Heru gained more popularity. The two gods, Heru the Elder and Heru the son of Ausar and Auset became co-mingled, so Sut lost his  equality to his brother, Heru the Elder, and became the enemy of Ausets Son.   After the invasion of the Hyksos (who labled Set as their main god) did the Egyptians began to rid the images of Sut and he became labeled as an enemy of Ra




Below we have outlined aspects of the two principles so that one can have a more clear understanding of the conscious and subconscious roles in health and healing. 




Seat of thinking and our mental faculties.  Analytical & Logical. It makes operates though the use of a decision making process


Seat of our emotions, imagination, source of our energy flow, governs our habits and it is the storehouse of our memory.

Somatic (Voluntary Control)

Autonomic (Involuntary Control)

Governs Chakras 5-7

(consider higher as relative to the heart only)

Governs Chakras 1-3

(consider lower as relative to the heart only)


    Attributes of the Falcon

Attributes of Sut Animals

*    Is the most vicious of fighters

*     The have strong mental faculties (associated through mythology as the reason why there head is shaped like a square)

*     Known for precision and accuracy

*     Sits and hunts from a perch (place of high authority-like a king/ruler)

*     They have tunnel (binocular) vision



Boar- Very strong, they have thick skin and can survive in the harshest areas, they dig and rely on their snout to uncover food and they are very hard to kill. 

*     Antelope-Quick witted and can survive in unfavorable environments. They have a strong sense of smell, very large eyes and a wide angle of vision, they can go long periods without water and can survive off of bushes and shrubs

*     Camel- Has its own internal reservoir of energy, it stores hydrogen in its hump an makes its own water when it breathes in oxygen, tt sleeps in short sleep spans (3 minutes)

*     Jackal- Highly developed sense of smell, hearing and vision


Western society teaches us that it is necessary to control or subdue anything that is not logical and linear in nature.  Emotions are taught to be suppressed and controlled.  We are taught not to honor our intuition but to think and use our brain. Art and creativity are not honored because they hold very little value in this society

We apply the principles of Heru-Sut (day and night) to health and healing only because they teach us about how the body works to constantly maintain harmony and equilibrium.  A fever is not bad because the body heat up to help us to fight off infection.  A severe fever is a major breakdown in homeostasis and other measures are now taken to assist the body in re-establishing balance.

In studying history it is important to know that the role of western society has always been to see and to create dis-harmony as opposed to harmony.  Instead of complementary and unison the western view is of opposite and opposing.  It is important to recognize this and to choose to see night and day as necessary components for balance, growth and harmony.  Seeds are planted in the day but they are nurtured and grown in darkness. We also understand that in light there is darkness (shadow) and in darkness there is light (stars).  For this reason, Sut (the sub-conscious) plays a major role in an African understanding. 

The Sut of pre-dynastic times and the followers of his principles were from the interior of ancient African.  They were Nubian and they were the founders of civilization.  Sut was not the demon that we know of in the Ausarian drama. He did not become demonized until later dynastic periods. By no means should the ancient principle of Sut be confused with the contemporary European concept of Sut as the Devil.  In fact, we lose power when we allow our myths and belief systems to be changed to fit into the indoctrination of those who choose practice and participate in activities that are not of Maat (corrupt and Satanic).

Egyptian Proverb:  If you want to understand the neter, study nature.